What are pine nuts?

Pine nuts or pinions are the seeds of pines. They appear enclosed within a woody cone and located on the underside of the cover scales.

From a botanical point of view, pine nuts are responsible for propagating the species. Some of them have very large wings to be dispersed by the wind others are heavier, their wings are very narrow and need to be expelled from pineapples at high speed to be dispersed.

Traditional collection and removal of the pinions

The process of collection pine nuts was always a hard work since it was manually performed. This was carried out, using long bents rods to pick pine cones from trees the process, with greater or lesser differences, was maintained since ancient people in different parts of the world.

Pine cones were collected before they a opened or before they falled to the ground to prevent rodents or birds to eat the seeds. Then they were left to dry or placed over a fire which facilitates its opening while they were roasted

Washing System

We Have total 12 Machines in running conditions and 01 machine capacity 100 kg and for this output consuming 02 hours required. 12 machines easily can wash 14400 kg stuff in the time zone of 24 hours.
In 30 days process ration reached 432 tons. After process weight stuff same as it before the washing

Grading Plant

Currently running number of plants 03 and these 03 plants capacity 20 tons after consuming 24 hours. On these plants we work in 03 shifts and every shift time 08 hours just changing time we get the some gape on it but this gape no effect our capacity, we done 50 tons stuff during the 24 hours.
Every grading plant 5 to 6% wastage and this wastage include dust empty shells. And these plant fully automatically operate

De moisturizing System

Total Numbers of machines 08 and 01 machine can process 1500 kg stuff in one time and for this all process time consuming ration is 04 hours including loading and offloading time according to this calculation 01 machine can de moisturizing 9 tons stuff in 24 hours.
08 machines can process 72 tons per day. And 30 days ability of 08 machines is 2160 tons stuff.
After the de moisturizing process the weight decrease about 15% so final out is 85%

Packing Process

Nuts packaging with high quality and excellent appearance, that is air tight and moisture protected so that the products can

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